I’ve pretty much been obsessed with soundtracks and films for as long as I can remember. In truth...I AM A HOPELESS ROMANTIC.

After second shooting wedding photography for my wife, it wasn't long before I KNEW I needed to create films in a different light.  Way's that may be outside the industry norm... but I can't help it.



Space to be told. I am ok going a bit against the grain, to create films that are involved. personal and intimate. Bringing you back to your day. Over and over again.

I am involved. We’ll get personal.

I’m not afraid to ask questions to find out who you are, or cry over the stories of how you met. I do connection & beauty. authenticity & vulnerability. 


I'm a city guy. ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.

I grew up in eastern washington, but have always been fascinated with the fast past & expansive city & exotic locations. More specifically being around so many different people, with different stories. I'm an extrovert - so being social fills my tank.

You can find me at almost anytime strolling around with my lovely lady of 15 years (@tiarrasorte) in some spot undoubtedly serving great coffee or great cocktails. Both at the same are not required, but who's judging. 

We have a bunch of kids, and try our best to let them experience this world and that there are GREAT things it has to offer - in a time when hope and love seems slim in these streets.

Been a musician all my life. I love 90's hip-hop. I'll never stop dating my wife, and I hope my kids ask me the most awkward shit for the rest of their life.

Speaking of, it is short. So relax. And laugh more. At least that's MY HOPE.