Rewind a few years back. Puerto Rico. Second shooting a wedding for my boss wife @tiarrasorte and we met these two beautiful humans. Liz and Addison //

We knew immediately, or at least we hoped... we would one-day be partying with THEM on their special day. Time would pass, and soon after they became engaged. As fate would have it we did find ourselves there that day!

What a strange business. One where clients become friends. Where creating a Film for a couple, becomes so much more than a highlight of the day. I continue to be overwhelmed that couples would trust me to capture these moments for them. To be invited in - to live through these memories and create a snapshot in time to come back to. The chance to keep the emotions of these moments, forever. It's an honor. It's so special. And when you get to do this for friends, it's a whole different level.


Some days, I wonder if I should just close it up and only do destination wedding from here forward. I don't know what it is about being in such a special place, with such special people over a weekend. Tulum, once again in all of your mystery and beauty… showcased Jordan and Natalie as they said yes next to rolling waves, and a star-filled sky. We laughed our asses off, and drink tequila till things got fuzzy... the BEST of nights. Congratulations Jordan & Natalie. New clients. New friends.

How do you describe friends who have been together - for what seems like forever? And what happens when after years, two of the best of them say "yes" to forever? Rainy Seattle showed up to show off on this epic winter evening. From drizzling first looks, to bull riding at the after-party, this is one to remember. Congratulations Emmit & Andrea!!